I’ve been meaning to compile this list for awhile now and I’m sure that it will change over the years. But to this date, these are the most important books I’ve read. Not in like their recognized importance, though some may be recognized as important. More so in their importance for the mark they placed […]

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As a certified expert in everything, I’ve discovered the problem with Obamacare.

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Our Man for The Times

On January 12, 2013 By

Conservatives increasingly fret about Monsanto and black helicopters, about happy fun camps and government denial of information to the public. Hyperinflation is on the horizon, government routinely exploits tragedies as a pretext to further rob us of rights, and despite whoever rises as the victor in the coming struggles, the one certain thing is that the world can never go back to the way it was.

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That’s Good Enough…

On July 20, 2011 By

I’ve been working on a new site in my free time here and there for the last half year or so as a repository for all the stuff that I have written at various sites all over the Internet. (Well not everything I have ever written, because frankly some of it should be burned rather […]

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