So Now We’re Biting?

On September 3, 2009 By

In the “ Too crazy not to be true” department a man’s finger was bitten off last night at a health care vigil.? The “We Can’t Afford To Wait Vigil” attracted several counter-protesters.

But let me just stop right there for a minute.? “We can’t afford to wait”?? What does this mean?? Seriously, I […]

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This afternoon, news is coming out that a revamped version of the Cybersecurity Act of 2009 includes language that gives the President authority to seize private networks and essentially have a switch to turn them off.

I’ve actually popped pop-corn and pulled up a chair to my Twitter account to watch […]

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Watch this:

Catch that? Media is a powerful tool when used “independently”. By this, Mark Lloyd of course means having a neutral third party watch dogging how media is used. And that neutral third party is of course the FCC whose people were appointed by a socialist progressive regime running our current […]

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Regulated Net Neutrality has always been a battle ground, but never as intense as the last few months after the introduction of the Internet Freedom and Preservation Act of 2009. With the proposed regulation has come an onslaught of publications and marketing materials from various organizations supported by pro-neutrality organizations like Google.

The […]

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MobileBurn is reporting today that it looks like larger network builders like AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon are unlikely to chase stimulus dollars from the broadband expansion portion of the American Recovery Act.

I predicted this back on the first of April here.

These players are likely to stay on track with […]

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In the resent weeks AT&T has been at the forefront of some curious decisions. They along with Apple have prevented companies like Slingbox from placing Apps on the iPhone that would stream video over 3G, but then allowed Major League Baseball, whom they have close ties, to introduce an application that […]

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