In a dramatic :rolleyes: Internet moment, GamePolitics throws Christians under the bus as they attempt to highlight the “conservative christian” ties of mutual fund investment firm, The Timothy Plan, as negative. This was obviously done after the author discovered the firm put out a report advising their clients on video game content, including […]

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On Friday it was announced by the Obama transition team two new appointments to the FCC review team. Long time Net Neutrality proponents, Susan Crawford and Kevin Werbach will head the team.

Both are outspoken about the current state of broadband distribution in the US being subpar. But as Wired and Continue Reading

In “Last-Mile Dilemma” I enter the argument that Net Neutrality policy may be able to be avoided if only there were more last-mile providers. To summarize the basic argument, most areas across the nation that have broadband Internet available to them only have 1-2 choices. This usually consists of a local cable Internet […]

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