The guys over at USDirect have developed a really great interactive map for the 2011 college football season. And every big time college football fan is going to want to bookmark this for the season.

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Looking back over the last 10 years and thinking about where many of us were and how we felt when the towers fell is surreal. These are sad thoughts. But what I find even more saddening is the fact that we have allowed our country to become more and more of a police state over […]

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@ComcastCares Actually Cares!

On August 29, 2011 By

This post has actually been a long time coming. It should have been done about a little over a month ago. But I guess the delay has just given me a little more time to assess my experience.

I’ve been a Comcast customer in the past. I used their services for 3 years when I […]

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A friend of mine,@REALChrisONeal, recently bought a new television… a Samsung if memory serves. Point being this new unit has Internet connectivity allowing the user to install apps for various services. When Chris was telling me about this it dawned on me that this would be the way in which the NFL would broaden […]

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On August 11, 2011 By

From time to time I cannot pass up the opportunity to post great art. The following piece was drawn by Drake Dunaway over at You can find more of Drake’s art there. He is extremely talented and not only ventures into political cartoons, but also has many inspirational pieces of work based on […]

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When former Mississippi Congressman Charles “Chip” Pickering criticizes the proposed AT&T merger with T-Mobile, his words drip with conservative indignation and free-market rhetoric. But the evidence surrounding his life and work in recent years suggests that the onetime C Street Republican moved to K Street long ago.

Questions about Pickering’s ethical flexibility go […]

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