This is, as should be obvious, an under reported fact that Obama has waged a more aggressive war in the Middle East than the Bush Administration. For instance, we have seen drone strikes in the neighborhood of 52 during the Bush presidency to 278 under the Obama administration. Yet, the media continues to dog Bush as the warmonger.

I threw a quick video together to highlight a number of the recent Bush-era Executive Orders from the Iraq War that have been extended by the Obama Administration. I’m sure you heard about this on the news, right?

If liberals are truly the party of peace, the party that stems from the generation of the ’60’s era mantra, “Question Authority,” and the party that protested in mass against the Bush-era wars, then why are we still not seeing the same outcry in regards to Obama’s continuation of Iraqi and Afghani policy and his new CIA led “secret” war in Pakistan using drones?

In fact, Obama and his constituency often complain about the fact that Obama entered office having to take hold of a country in the midst of two wars. Now he is in three, including Pakistan, and has had strong military involvement in Egypt and may be on the brink of sending troops into Syria with the only possibility that it has not already occurred to this point being that over the last 4 years we have begun to enter the prologue of another cold war with Russia who has extensive oil and natural gas pipeline interests in the region.

Double standards are a heck of a thing.

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2 Responses to Obama Extends Bush-era Iraqi War Executive Orders

  1. Lantrix says:

    Both parties, more of the same. They are all controlled by the same puppets and war mongers. Have you heard of the path to Persia? The plan started by Bush is still not complete, and Obama is finishing it.

    • Nick says:

      You mean the actual Brookings Path to Persia report or the conspiracy theory?

      Are you a No Agenda subscriber? I don’t believe this was a Bush Administration doctrine, as far as for the link you supplied. I’ve seen it many times and personally believe this is a CIA/DOD plan. The presidents since have likely gone along with it due to the large amount of CNG the Leviathan reserve would bring us.

      If you aren’t a No Agenda subscriber, you will find their analysis on the gas pipelines in the area of the so called “Persian Spring” and the surrounding wars fascinating. Check out episode 426, about 8 down in the list. No Agenda Pipeline Episode

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