This is a guide I posted on the SWTOR forums. You can find the original here. It will help those venturing into SWTOR PvP on a Sentinel Combat spec or Marauder Carnage spec make the most out of his character. This spec has the good fortune of an auto-crit on it’s best heavy hitter ability which allows the class to focus on stacking bonus damage and crit bonus. Smash specs usually see some benefit as well, and the principles found in this guide can be applied to building your PvE equipment set as well.

By request, added Cliff Notes with a just a shopping list at the end.

FIRST THINGS FIRST: This guide will explain how to efficiently and properly min/max PARTISAN gear. One may think that their best stats advantage will be to purchase a Partisan piece and move straight into exchanging for a Conqueror piece, but this could not be further from the truth. A min/maxed set of Partisan gear will significantly outperform a default unmodified set of Conqueror gear. The objective of this guide will be to get you min/maxed in Partisan so that you are at your peak performance, at which point you will begin replacing your Partisan piece meal, mod by mod into Conqueror. Your objective as a Combat/Focus Sent (and this probably applies for Watchman as well) will be to stack as much strength and power as possible, with your tertiary stat going to surge.

Step 1: Coming from WH/EWH or other non-pvp gear, your biggest immediate boost will be to replace your ear piece and both implants. You DO NOT have to purchase Partisan gear for trade in on these pieces. So your first objective should be to purchase Conqueror ear piece and implants. These are the pieces with power/surge as secondary stats.
-Buy a Conqueror Weaponmaster’s MK-1 Device (ear)
-Buy TWO Conqueror Vindicator’s MK-1 Package

Step 2: While some will suggest pushing toward purchasing weapons first for the hilts, this is the wrong route to take in 2.0 because the 4-piece set bonus for Sentinels is now a +10% damage bonus after Force Leap for 5 seconds and we are no longer forced to swap armorings out of Vindicator gear to get this bonus. Therefore, your 4-piece set bonus is going to be a bigger boost to damage than the slight stat increase from Partisan hilts.
The cheapest and fastest way to get your 4-piece set bonus is going to be buying:
Challenger’s Gloves
Weaponmaster Feet
Challenger’s Legs
Weaponmaster Head

Make sure to purchase these specific items as they contain the enhancements we are looking for and will reduce your time spent min/maxing later on.

Step 3: Let’s purchase weapons! At this point go ahead and purchase your weapons. For your first weapon purchase a VINDICATOR’S MAIN HAND. You are purchasing this weapon first because it contains the same hilt in the Weaponmasters/Challengers variety, but also contains the mod and one of the enhancements we will be using to min/max our toons with. This is the Advanced Deft Mod 27X and the Advanced Adept Enhancement 27X. The Weaponmaster/Challengers sabers use different mods. So you are knocking out 3 birds with one stone here and by purchasing the Vindicators saber you now have one complete min/maxed saber. Unfortunately, hilts are no longer interchangeable, and you will be required to purchase either an offhand saber that will need to be modified.

You will now need your last hilt, which is the offhand. Purchase the Challenger offhand as it has the Adept enhancement we are looking for. You will only be pulling the hilt and the Adept enhancement out of this piece for your gear, and obviously if you don’t already have a +41 expertise crystal then grab that out of it as well. But use one of your purchased Advanced Deft Mod 27X as the mod in this set.

Step 4: Now we will buff our endurance a bit. Go ahead and buy the Partisan Challenger’s chest piece with WZ comms as this contains one of the enhancements we are looking for. Then purchase level 69 waist and bracers from the PvE dealer (or better yet 72’s if you have the comms, or if you have no comms you can have someone craft you lvl 66 Advanced Might Armoring 28’s). These will have no expertise, but you will not suffer much from this and will gain a decent buff in endurance that is being lost by min/maxing your other gear. Remember, Sentinel is a glass canon. Min/Maxing will reduce your endurance, but it maximizes your damage output. You will break easily, but especially if you have a healer, you will become an unstoppable force in WZ’s.
To be specific. None of the WZ belt or bracers sets come with the appropriate mod we are looking for. So don’t waste your comms on them. Put your purchased 66/69/72 armorings in your choice of orange waste and bracers and we will accompany them with the correct mods shortly.

Step 5: Finally, let’s get to min/maxing. First off we want to get the right Mod in our belt and bracers and then the rest of our gear. At the top of the vendor list you will find free standing Mods. You will want to purchase EIGHT of the Advanced Deft Mod 27X. Put the first two in your belt and bracers where you already have your PvE armorings so that they are ready to go. The remaining six will go in your head, chest, gloves, legs, feet, and offhand. Congrats! Your Mods are complete. (An alternate method to this is to purchase 6 of the Deft Mod27X, and go ahead and use the ranked comms you are accumulating to buy 2 of the Deft Mod 28X for your belt and bracers.)

Step 6: Now you need to min/max your Enhancements. We need FIVE of the Advanced Adept Enhancement 27X (Power/Surge) and TWO of the Advanced Initiative Enhancement 27X (Power/Accuracy). If you purchased the gear I suggested then you ALREADY have FIVE Adept and TWO Initiative. This was previously a huge pain, but with the addition of the Challenger’s set, one can mix and match Challenger and Weaponmaster gear for the correct enhancements. So your major min/maxing is just going to be getting the correct mods!

Step 7: Augment your gear with MK-9 level power augments for a slight bump in raw damage or strength for a slight bump in the critical modifier. Run dailies areas for your creds for these if you are short on cash. Right now a well geared 55 can get through BH, Ilum, Belsalvis, and SecX in about 2.5hrs and earn over 500k credits. Also purchase your preferred relics. The BEST relic is still the Elite War Hero power relic. If you don’t have these from pre-2.0, buy whatever you feel best compliments your play style or boosts power or surge, or if you can’t find anything in that area shoot for crit/acc.

SOME NOTES ON PARTISAN MIN/MAX: To get the most out of your setup for a full min/max, in addition to gear, you can reach 10,000 affection on all your companions. As described in your Legacy info by each companion, you will gain a 1% bonus for each stat a companion corresponds. Also, make sure that you have all the relevant datacrons; in our case mainly strength and endurance, but willpower will also buff your force moves like Force Stasis. If you have the available credits, you can also use Might Stims and purchase Warzone Medpacks.

WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE: At this point we will want to start working on our Conqueror gear. However, it will be a HUGE mistake to purchase a piece of Conqueror and just toss it on in place of one of your min/maxed items.
Let me show you why:

Min/Maxed Partisan Sentinel:

STR 1044
END 1249
EXP 1350 (unbolstered out of warzones)
PWR 816
ACC 120
SRG 300

Unmodified Conqueror Sentinel:

STR 1088
END 1096
EXP 1200 (unbolstered out of warzones)
PWR 132
ACC 128
SRG 256
CRT 314

As you can see a Sentinel in unmodified Conqueror gear is actually at a disadvantage to a min/maxed Partisan Sentinel in almost every respect. Note that these are unbuffed stats that also do not include the stats from a full set of augments or the ear piece and implants or relics, as these are static numbers that would raise both sets of numbers equally. But what you will notice is that while there is a slight drop in strength, you will have a nice advantage in both endurance and unbolstered expertise as well as much higher off stats that dramatically increase your Bonus Damage. So when a unmodified Conqueror geared Sent is complaining on Fleet as to why they are getting waxed by people in min/maxed Partisan gear, you’ll know why.

WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE CONT.: So if that’s the case, then how should we proceed in gearing with Conqueror gear? Well in this case, we already have our set bonus which is the Sentinels big damage boost in combat. So we don’t have to worry about armorings first AND based on this method you already purchased your Conqueror ear piece and implants. So you will likely want to first trade in your weapons. And then go to your armorings.
HOWEVER, we don’t want to screw up our min/max. In order to do this, you will want to AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE just tossing on the new Conqueror piece. As sexy as those level 65 mods look, DO NOT DO THIS. Purchase your weapons and trade in only the hilts and any Advanced Deft Mod 28X and Advanced Adept Enhancement 28X you receive (this will only come from the Vindicators weapon you trade in. On the Challenger offhand, just swap in the hilt and enhancement). Then begin to purchase feet, gloves, legs, head, and chest. Once again, ONLY swap in the armorings and you will once again find that this gear comes with the desired enhancements.

Your Sentinel will now be geared with level 28X hilts and armorings and retain its min/max of level 27X mods with the desired 28X enhancements as mentioned above. At this point, follow what you did before and begin purchasing the free standing Advanced Deft Mod 28X’s.

Good luck and may the force be with you!

CN: What to buy in a nutshell.
Conqueror Weaponmaster’s MK-1 Device Earpiece
2x Conqueror Vindicator’s MK-1 Package
Partisan Challenger’s Gloves
Partisan Weaponmaster Feet
Partisan Challenger’s Legs
Partisan Weaponmaster Head
Partisan Vindicator Saber Main Hand
Partisan Challenger Chest
Partisan Challenger Off Hand
9x Advanced Deft Mod 27X
2x Elite War Hero Relics (or your choice if you don’t have these from pre-2.0)
14x Advanced Overkill Augment 28’s (or Might Augs if your preference is for mainstat)
For belt and bracers use 2 of your Deft Mod 27X’s and two level 72 Might armorings.

Then replace these with the corresponding Conqueror piece preferably starting with main hand and off hands, and then adding the armor and enhancement from the corresponding main pieces, and finally buying mods.


6 Responses to SWTOR: Guide to Min/Maxing your Combat Sentinel in 2.0

  1. Greg Blackwell says:

    Great Guide, really helps with a strategy. The one thing I’m not clear on and confused about is where do we purchase? Like 27X mods. I can only find 25 mods at the Makhem Mods Vendor and at the fleet. Im level 54, am I missing something?

    Thanks again for the great article

    • Nick says:

      The “X” variant mods are strictly for PvP. So you will not have access to those until you hit 55. The 25X and 27X will be in the two tiers of PvP gear.

      For PvE content the highest mods you can buy with planetary comms are level 25. You can use Classic Comms and Basic Comms for gear containing level 26 and 28 mods, respectively. Then the next two levels of comms are achieved through OPs and various weeklies which will earn gear with level 29 and 31 mods. The top tier of mods is level 35 which can only be acquired through gear earned in Nightmare mode TfB and S&V Ops.

      You’re best bet is to craft or buy level 28 mods for your PvE set. These can be worn at physical level 54. This gear will be good enough for all Story Mode Ops for you to start earning comms for the higher end game gear. Good luck!

  2. Jacob says:

    this is a pretty in-depth guide, however i did exactly what you said using askmrrobot, and looking at the stats, and im confused how this is considered min/maxed when your accuracy is only 91.79% and should be 100-105% and your crit is 11.90% but should be 25-30% and the surge is only 72.36% but should be like 75%, according to everything else i have read.

    • Jacob says:

      if you have updated this or anything id love to see it, there really isnt any min maxing guides out there that i can find for min/maxing sents, and im about to het 55 so im just trying to dot my I’s and cross all my t’s by the time i get there. thank you

    • Nick says:

      Hi Jacob,
      My guess is that you are looking at the wrong acc stat. You have multiple acc stats. Unfortunately I don’t have the game pulled up to explain this correctly but I think it’s main hand acc. It can stay around 90%. You get a boost on this, and I can’t remember how without seeing the stat sheet. Sorry about this. Anyway, you can trade acc essentially until you start missing a hit on Master Strike. You should not be missing at 90%. Force attacks do not calculate acc so you will not miss on these for things like Blade Storm. The reason we don’t use any crit is because our heavy hitter is Blade Storm and this ability has a 100% crit. So you can’t boost crit above 100% obviously. So the only way to boost dmg when you have a 100% crit chance is by way of stacking power for the dmg bonus. In running dmg assessments over 10min period and even in short fights what you will find is that guaranteed 100% crit with the maximum amount of power your toon can stack getting the biggest hit off Blade Storm is more beneficial than the random crit bonus to Blade Rush. You will also loose a tremendous amount of power trying to hit 25% crit, which after 2.0 is pretty much impossible anyway. To be honest, your run down of 25% crit and 75% surge are sort of impossible after 2.0 and even if you could would sacrifice too much power and cannibalize your bonus damage because those are tertiary stats and would require you to get rid of all your power.

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